Q & A’s

What sort of conservation tasks do Earthworks do and where are they ?

The type of work we do is varied and depends on the site itself and the time of year. Constructional tasks like building boardwalks or stiles tend to dominate during the summer months, with more traditional crafts like hedgelaying and coppicing in the winter months. Some sites are managed by national organisations, for example the RSPB or the Woodland Trust.

What day and time do Earthworks meet ?

The vast majority of our tasks are on Saturdays. We usually meet on site at 10am and work until around 4pm (weather and light permitting), with lunch around midday. See our latest Tasks Programme for details of dates and venues.

What clothes do I need ?

Just old ones! A thick coat or boiler suit is advisable in winter. Shorts can be worn in summer, though nettles and brambles can be difficult to avoid on some sites! Strong boots are also useful, but wellingtons or old trainers will do for most tasks.

What else do I need to bring ?

You will need to bring a packed lunch and something to drink; also sunblock/insect repellant in summer. There is no need for you to bring tools. Earthworks has a good selection that are shared on each task. Even gloves are provided, though you will need to provide your own eye protection.

Do I need any specialist skills or knowledge ?

No! – Most of us started with very few skills. There is always someone on hand to explain why what you’re doing is worthwhile, and to help show you the best and safest way to carry it out. You work entirely at your own pace – we’re all doing it purely for enjoyment so there’s no pressure!

How do I get involved ?

Take a look at the latest Tasks Programme, pick one you’d like to come to and then click the Contact us link. If you’d like to talk to the task contact, please leave a phone number in your message and he or she will call you for a chat. Once you’re happy, don’t forget to put the task date in your diary or you might miss all the fun!

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